Free Italy Scholarships - Fully funded EUI Leadership Program in Italy 2023-24


Young leaders who desire to work at one of Europe's top institutes can apply to the EUI Leadership Program 2023 in Italy. This policy leader fellowship programme is hosted by the European University Institute for foreign students to learn under the supervision of outstanding and experienced leaders in their respective disciplines. The goal of this leadership fellowship is to promote Italy's culture and heritage around the world. Outstanding and bright young people are encouraged to participate in this leadership programme. The mission of the institute is to promote leadership, gather young international students, and engage them in activities that foster leadership qualities.

This fully financed leadership programme in Europe enables young people to build professional skills necessary for career advancement. Furthermore, the EUI leaders programme enables fellows to share their perspectives and practical solutions on a worldwide scale. They will also get the opportunity to work with individuals from all backgrounds and contribute to the economy's growth. This leadership fellowship programme will help you improve your professional abilities and advance your CV.

This leadership programme would benefit foreign kids in a variety of ways. Fellows will have the opportunity to attend seminars, training sessions, skill development sessions, conferences, and other activities designed to help them improve their professional talents and work. The EUI Leadership programme is a fully supported global network of policymakers in their early and mid-career phases. Fellows will also get the opportunity to engage with other fellows, policymakers, and academic professionals at the EUI. It will assist you in developing problem-solving and decision-making skills in order to overcome social, economic, and global issues that are impeding development and social well-being.

The period of the fully financed fellowship programme varies; there are scholarships available for five months (fixed-term for the first or second semester) and 10 months. After acceptance, there will be no more extensions. Fellows at the Transnational Governance School (STG) spend five months engaging with the School'sSchool community and eventually presenting their work to a larger audience, producing at least one publication, participating in the School'sSchool's training program, and attending EUI seminars and workshops. Fellows who stay for the entire academic year will work on major international initiatives with the potential to break new ground, frequently collaborating with other organisations to create a multiplier effect.

 Fellowship Duration

  1. Five months: September 2023 – January 2024; or February 2024 – June 2024
  2. Ten months: September 2023 – June 2024
  3. Deadline is January 25, 2023


  1. Individuals from all nations are eligible to apply.
  2. Young professionals in their early careers (for example, in politics, the civil service, the media, and non-governmental organisations) can exhibit professional experience and the potential for future policy expertise.
  3. Fellows must be genuinely engaged in policy issues, particularly global governance.
  4. They must be self-motivated and provide a detailed work plan for the fellowship that shows what will be completed and how their work will have a multiplier impact after the fellowship ends.
  5. Fellows must be members of the EUI community who engage in peer discussions on topics outside of their area of expertise.

Benefits :

  1. Each fellow will be paid 2,500 euros per month.
  2. Every month, a housekeeping stipend of 300 euros will be provided.
  3. Each autonomous child receives a monthly payment of 200 euros.
  4. Medical expenses/insurance will also be covered by the host institute.
  5. Fellows will also be reimbursed for economy-class flights.
  6. Opportunity to learn about European countries, particularly Italy's history and culture.

Documents Required:

  1. CV in PDF format (100-120 words)
  2. Letter of Motivation (covering applicant’s interests, policy issues, ambitions and reason of applying)
  3. Work Plan
  4. Educational certificates, highest education certificate/degree.
  5. Reference letter
  6. Work article sample
  7. Language proficiency certificate (IELTS, TOEFL or TOEIC).

Application Process:

  1. The EUI leadership programme accepts applications online.
  2. Create an account and register yourself.
  3. After you've registered, fill out the application form.
  4. It must be turned in by the deadline.
  5. Furthermore, once filed, the application cannot be changed, so double-check before submitting.
  6. The application deadline for the EUI leaders programme is January 25, 2023, at 14:00 CET.
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