King AbdulAziz University Saudi Arabia Scholarships 2022-2023 Fully Funded


King Abdulaziz University Scholarship for the academic year 2022. The scholarship is open for all applicants from all countries; there is no nationality or gender restriction. Scholarships for international students are fully funded and offered to undertake bachelor’s, Masters and PhD degree programs at King Abdulaziz University. The scholarship is offered for the whole duration of the eligible programs.

There is no application fee for the King Abdulaziz University scholarship program. The scholarship is offered for all academic programs, including science, arts, humanities, business administration, engineering and computer engineering. There will be no discrimination against male or female applicants; students will be selected based on academic excellence and other qualities. The duration of the King Abdulaziz University scholarship for the PhD program is three years, two years for a master’s degree and four years for the bachelor’s program.

King Abdulaziz University Scholarship Details


  1. Bachelor’s program: 4 years
  2. Master’s program: 2 years
  3. PhD program: 3 years

Programs Offered for King Abdulaziz University Scholarship:

Undergraduate Programs:

  1. Accounting
  2. Arabic language
  3. Architecture
  4. Business Administration
  5. Biochemistry
  6. Biology
  7. Chemistry
  8. Chemical Engineering
  9. Civil Engineering
  10. Computer Science
  11. Drawing and Arts
  12. Environmental Science
  13. English language
  14. Economics
  15. Finance
  16. French language
  17. Fashion Design
  18. Geomatics
  19. Geography, Urban Planning, Resources and Regional Development
  20. History (Tourist Guidance)
  21. Human Resources Management
  22. Health & Hospital Management
  23. Hydrographic Surveying
  24. Information Technology
  25. Information System
  26. Islamic Law and Studies
  27. Industrial Engineering
  28. Interior Design
  29. Landscape Architecture
  30. Law
  31. Marketing
  32. Media
  33. Mechanical Engineering
  34. Marine Engineering
  35. Management Information System
  36. Medical Physics
  37. Mathematics
  38. Nautical Science
  39. Public Administration
  40. Political Science
  41. Physics
  42. Power and Electrical Machines Engineering
  43. Psychology
  44. Port and Marine Transport
  45. Sociology and Social Work
  46. Statistics
  47. Sports Management Diploma
  48. Urban and Regional Planning

Postgraduate Programs:

  1. Biology Science
  2. Statistics
  3. Chemistry
  4. Biochemistry
  5. Mathematics
  6. Physics
  7. Astronomy Science
  8. Civil Engineering
  9. Thermal Engineering and Desalination Technology Engineering
  10. Mining Engineering
  11. Electrical Engineering
  12. Computer Engineering
  13. Medical Engineering
  14. Chemical and Materials Engineering
  15. Aeronautical Engineering
  16. Production Engineering and Mechanical Systems Design
  17. Industrial Engineering
  18. Arid Land Agriculture
  19. Environmental Sciences
  20. Hydrology
  21. Computer Science
  22. Information Technology
  23. Information Systems
  24. Urban and Regional Planning
  25. Architecture
  26. Marine Biology
  27. Marine Physics
  28. Marine Chemistry
  29. Marine Geology
Eligibility Criteria :
  1. Applicants must have an excellent academic record.
  2. They must be international students.
  3. Must have cleared secondary school graduation certificate no more than three years ago.
  4. International students must be 17-25 years old.
  5. Applicants for Ph.D. program must be under 30 years.
  6. They must have good conduct, and they must be medically fit.
  7. Moreover, they must meet the admission criteria.
  8. Lastly, applicants of the Arabic language, Islamic law studies, Psychology, and Sociology must be proficient in Arabic.
Benefits :
  1. Fully-funded scholarship for international students 
  2. Return airfare tickets.
  3. Thesis printing allowance for PhD and master candidates, respectively.
  4. Books shipping allowance.
  5. Subsidized meal (if applicable).
  6. Accommodation.
  7. Health care for all successful candidates.
  8. Preparation allowance.
  9. Monthly allowance.
  1. A CV
  2. Copy of transcripts
  3. Copy of valid passport
  4. Statement of Purpose (English)
  5. Two recommendation letters (academic)
  6. Graduate certificate certified from Saudi embassy (copy)
  7. English language proficiency (IELTS, TOEFL IBT: 61, TOEFL CBT: 173, TOEFL PBT: 500
Application Process:
The application process to apply for the King Abdulaziz university scholarship is online.
Follow the link below for more information to apply.

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