Turkey Scholarships - Fully Funded Kadir HAS university Bachelors Masters PhD Scholarships 2022-2023


Applications are now open for the Kadir Has University Scholarship 2022-2023 in Turkiye. KHAS University welcomes international students to apply for partial and fully funded scholarships. Students of any nationality can apply for this scholarship. The scholarships in Turkey are open for students who want to pursue undergraduate studies. The university offers 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% tuition fee waivers for international students.

Kadir Has University is located in the heart of Turkey, Istanbul. As primary and secondary education is free in Turkey, the country now focuses on providing free education on higher levels in fully-funded scholarships. Kadir Has University also offers an Erasmus Mundus scholarship to its students and several exchange programs.Kadir Has offered an abundance of opportunities in collaboration with other universities for students from around the world. Its campuses are vast and lively, providing facilities of cafeteria, laboratory, hostel, library and sports areas.

Available Courses in UG (pg/phd on website):

  1. B.Sc. in Computer Engineering
  2. B.Sc. in Bioinformatics and Genetics
  3. B.A. in Political Science and Public Administration
  4. B.Sc. in Electrical – Electronics Engineering
  5. B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering
  6. B.Sc. in Information Technologies
  7. B.Sc. in Management Information Systems
  8. B.Sc. in Energy Systems Engineering
  9. B.A. in Advertising
  10. B.Sc. in Communication Design
  11. B.A. in New Media
  12. B.A. in Public Relations and Information
  13. B.A in Radio, Television and Cinema
  14. B.Sc. in Architecture
  15. B.Sc. in Graphic Design
  16. Faculty of Art and Design
  17. B.Sc. in Industrial Design
  18. B.A. in American Culture and Literature
  19. B.Sc. in Interior Architecture and Environmental Design
  20. B.A. in Economics
  21. B.A. in Business Administration
  22. B.A. in International Trade and Finance
  23. B.A. in International Relations
  24. B.Sc. in Psychology

Eligibility Criteria :

  1. International students who have completed their high school or are studying in the last year of high school are eligible.
  2. Nationals of Turkey can avail this opportunity.
  3. Furthermore, nationals of any other country who have acquired the nationality of Turkey or TRNC are eligible.
  4. Nationals of Turkey or TRNC who have completed their last three years of high school abroad are eligible.
  5. Students who have studied somewhere other than Turkey or TRNC for middle school (before 01-02-2013) and are citizens of Turkey/TRNC are eligible. Those who have completed their high school abroad can also apply.
  6. Students can be national of TRNC who have completed their high school in TRNC.
  7. Those who have GCE A/L results can apply.

Scholarship Benefits :

  1. Undergraduate students receive a 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% tuition fee waiver as a scholarship.
  2. No separate scholarship application is needed; eligible students will automatically be considered for the scholarship.
  3. Selection is on the basis of merit and students’ academic record. Therefore, there can be no discrimination.
  4. Moreover, full scholarship opportunity is open for students.
  5. Students maintaining a minimum of 1.8 GPA will be eligible for scholarship renewal.
  6. It is an excellent opportunity to study in Turkey.

Required documents: 

  1. Copy of passport.
  2. Updated CV/resume.
  3. Two reference letters.
  4. Statement of interest/purpose.
  5. Academic transcripts of all courses.
  6. Turkish proficiency certificate/test result.
  7. English proficiency certificate/test results.
  8. Undergraduate degree certificate or graduate diploma.
  9. In case of not having a passport at the time of application, the student can submit a copy of a national ID card

Application Process:

  1. The application process for the Kadir Has University Scholarship in Turkey is online.
  2. There is no scholarship application fee.
  3. Deadline is not mentioned on their website, so hurry up and apply as soon as possible.
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